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Spring Hunting Opportunities—Get Out There Now!

January 24, 2017

Get Out this Spring!

If your suffering from the winter time blues or having withdrawals from this past fall, we want to encourage you to get back in the mountains. There is opportunity available now! Wolf and Lion hunting is hot in the west. Many of our Epic Approved outfitters and some of our members are hunting lions right now and they will also have bear hunts coming up quickly.

Call our Outfitted Hunt Specialist, Jeff, in the Epic Outdoors office at 435-263-0777 for details on the latest opportunities.

Get ‘em treed—Spring Lion Hunts

Winter time lion hunts can be tough and physical, but there is little that compares to the excitement as you walk up on a group of bawling hounds with a big Tom cat glaring down from the tree. We have approved outfitters from the high mountains in the Sawtooth range in Idaho to the deserts of southern Nevada. Watching the dogs work is an experience every hunter needs in his or her cache of memories.

Bears on the Brain—Spring Bear Hunts

Spring is right around the corner and that means two things in the west. Antler shed hunting and bear season. Bear in the lower 48 are hunted by means of baiting, hounds, or spot and stalk. The primary method in the spring is spot and stalk. As far as cost, it's generally very affordable for a do it yourself type hunt, if you are not a DIY guy, an outfitter is your best chance at success. These guided hunts are inexpensive and highly successful. We even have outfitters that offer a bear wolf combo hunt! We suggest you wipe the winter dust off your rifle and get in the field.

Way up North

Alaska and Canada offer a great chance to kill a big bear. Guides are getting their hunters in front of everything from giant 9 foot+ Coastal Brown bears with skulls pushing the 28-inch mark, to 8 foot+ Grizzlies. Black bear is hunted in Alberta, British Columbia, and Alaska with great success. Some hunts can be paired with other hunting and fishing opportunities.

Call our Outfitted Hunt Specialist, Jeff, in the Epic Outdoors office at 435-263-0777 for details on the latest opportunities.


Spring Wolf Hunting

As you may have seen in the January issue of the magazine, Wolf hunting is a great chance to be outdoors. Success rates are lower, but many of the units or zones in Idaho and Montana are unlimited or don’t meet their harvest objectives. That means the wolves are there, you just need to turn them up. And yes there are outfitters that will take you on a guided wolf hunt. Click Here to watch a wolf hunt with our Epic consultants Jason and Adam. The Epic crew will be hunting them…will you?

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